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Embroidered Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

Embroidered Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

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Embroidered personalized dog collar with adjustable nylon strap

Introducing our Embroidered Personalized Dog Collar Reflective Adjustable Nylon Pet Puppy Name! This collar is truly unique and catered to your furry friend's needs. It combines style, durability, and practicality in one irresistible package.

Reflective design for added visibility during nighttime walks

2 Reflective design for added visibility during nighttime walks

Crafted with eco-friendly microfiber material, this collar ensures that both fashion-forwardness and sustainability go hand-in-hand. The adjustable size allows it to fit snugly around large or small dog puppies - from Pitbulls to Beagles; no breed is left behind!

Customizable collar with engraved name and phone number tag

3 Customizable collar with engraved name and phone number tag

But what sets this dog collar apart from the rest? Let me tell you about its standout feature: embroidered customization where we will engrave your pet's name and phone number. No more worrying if they accidentally wander off during walks - their contact information will always be within reach for any Good Samaritans who may find them!

Made from eco-friendly microfiber material for sustainability

4 Made from ecofriendly microfiber material for sustainability

We've utilized laser engraving techniques to create an unfadeable color on the nameplate, ensuring long-lasting visibility without compromising style. And speaking of style, our factory specializes in various engravings on metals – meaning not only do we excel at creating customized products specifically tailored for dogs but also working tools and even fashion jewelry!

Suitable for all sizes of dogs including large medium and small breeds

When it comes to comfortability, worry not! Please make sure you measure your fur baby correctly by using a soft ruler around their neck before placing an order. We recommend leaving enough space so that two fingers can comfortably slip between the collar and their skin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reflective collars good for dogs?

Reflective collars are good for dogs as they enhance visibility and safety during low-light conditions.

Does the collar come with a buckle? 

Yes, the collar features a sturdy plastic buckle that enhances its durability and provides a secure closure.

How can I personalize the collar? 

You can personalize the collar with your dog's name and phone number. This customization helps in easy identification and ensures the safety of your furry friend.

Can I adjust the collar's size for a perfect fit? 

Yes, it is usually adjustable, allowing you to find the optimal fit for your dog's neck size. Make sure to measure your dog's neck before ordering to select the appropriate size.

Can I remove the collar easily? 

Yes, the snap-on design is so easy. The metal buckle is designed for secure closure, but it can also be easily undone for quick removal when needed within milliseconds.

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