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Super Absorbent Pet Diaper Training Pads

Super Absorbent Pet Diaper Training Pads

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High Absorbency for Maximum Convenience


Our Super Absorbent Pet Diaper Dog Training Pee Pads are designed with a quick-dry surface that ensures maximum absorption, making them ideal for house training your pets. The upper layer of nonwoven fabric quickly absorbs water and helps in refreshing and deodorizing the area.


Disposable and Health-Conscious Design


Disposable and Health-Conscious Design


These Nappy Mats are disposable and made from absorbent cotton material, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene for both your pet and home. They can be used for at least one day, providing a convenient solution to managing pet waste without any worries about contamination or unpleasant odors.


Long-lasting Leak-Proof Protection


Long-lasting Leak-Proof Protection


With their tear-resistant design, our Pet Diaper Dog Training Pee Pads provide reliable leak-proof protection against accidents on various surfaces such as floors, bathroom tiles, kennels, or even inside pet bags. Rest assured that these pads will keep everything dry while effectively containing any messes.


Variety of Sizes Available to Suit All Pets' Needs


Variety of Sizes Available to Suit All Pets


We offer four sizes - Small (33x45cm), Medium (45x60cm), Large (60x60cm), and Extra-Large (60x90cm) - ensuring compatibility with all breeds of cats or dogs ranging from puppies to full-grown adults. If you have larger-sized pets requiring more space than provided by single mats alone, consider using multiple pads spliced together seamlessly.


Environmentally Friendly & Breathable Materials


Environmentally Friendly & Breathable Materials


We care about the environment too! That's why our nappy mats utilize environmentally-friendly fabric which is soft but also breathable for optimal comfort when being used as floor covering or even towels for your beloved furry friends after bath time.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these pee pads suitable for all dog breeds and sizes?

Yes, our Super Absorbent Dog Training Diaper Pee Pads are suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Whether you have a small puppy or a large breed, these pads are designed to cater to all.

Can I use these pads with an indoor dog potty or tray?

Yes, these pads are compatible with most indoor dog potties or trays. They can be used in conjunction with these systems to facilitate the training process and keep the area clean.

Can these pads be used for purposes other than dog training?

While these pads are primarily designed for dog training and housebreaking, they can be versatile and used for other purposes as well. Many customers find them useful for protecting floors and surfaces during travel, for elderly or sick dogs, or as a general disposable mat for messy situations.

Are these pee pads leak-proof and odor-resistant?

Yes, they is constructed with leak-proof materials to prevent liquid from seeping through and damaging floors. Additionally, they are equipped with odor-resistant technology to keep your living space smelling fresh and clean.

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