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Fruit Shaped Breathable Cooling Dog Mat

Fruit Shaped Breathable Cooling Dog Mat

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Cool and comfortable perfect for hot summer months



Introducing the Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad, the perfect companion for your furry friends during those scorching summer days. This versatile mat is not just any ordinary bed; it's a piece of heaven that brings coolness and comfort to your beloved pets. It is suitable for only small and medium-sized dogs and cats.


Easy to clean: Simply toss it in the washing machine


3 Breathable or sweatabsorbent options available 


This mat provides just the right amount of coolness without making your adorable dog shiver in the cold. It truly understands their needs and ensures they remain happily refreshed throughout the day. Cleaning up after messy playtime can be a hassle but worry no more! Our pet-friendly cooling pad is incredibly easy to clean. Just toss it into the washing machine and watch as all stains vanish away like magic!


Size varies for each bed



Each fruit bed has a unique size. Please refer to the size chart above. They are suitable are small and medium dogs and cats. Made of Oxford soft cloth, they offer maximum comfort and give a cooling feeling.


Choose from a variety of colors to suit any decor style




In addition to being blissfully cool and simple to maintain, our mat offers breathability or sweat absorption options depending on what works best for your four-legged buddy. You have complete control over their comfort level!


Pet safe design ensures your furry friend stays cool and comfy all-day 


5 Pet safe design ensures your furry friend stays cool and comfy all day
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Made from premium self-cooling fabric, this carefully designed mat guarantees a soft yet refreshing slumber experience - completely safe even if curious little paws decide they want a bite out of paradise! But wait... there's more! Not only does this incredible find keep them chilled during sweltering summers, yet also improves sleep quality ensuring deep relaxation. They'll feel rejuvenated in no time at all.



And lastly...softness overload alert! Pets absolutely adore cute fruit patterns. You'd think they were royalty upon setting eyes on this cushy wonderland. It envelops them with unmatched coziness allowing long hours spent dreamily dozing off. Capture the most vibrant moments with your pet on this exquisite, bright bed. Its striking colors are an invitation for a fun-filled photo session that'll melt everyone's hearts. So why wait any longer? Give your beloved companion the gift of cool comfort and tranquility today! Order our Dog Mat Cooling Summer Pad.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the mat for other pets besides dogs?

While the mat is designed with small and medium dogs in mind, it can also be suitable for other small pets like cats or rabbits. Ensure the size of the mat is appropriate for your pet's comfort and needs.

How do I clean the cooling pet mat?

Cleaning the mat is easy. Most mats are made from durable and washable materials. You can usually wipe the mat down with a damp cloth or sponge. Some mats might also be machine washable; refer to the care instructions provided with the product.

Can I fold or store the mat when not in use?

Yes, many mats are designed to be foldable and easy to store. This makes them convenient for travel or for stowing away when not needed. 

Is the cooling mat safe for pets?

Absolutely. The cooling technology used in the mat is pet-safe and non-toxic. It's designed to provide a cooling effect without the need for electricity, water, or refrigeration. You can trust that your pet will enjoy a safe and soothing experience.

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