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Comfy Summer Cooling Dog Bed Mat

Comfy Summer Cooling Dog Bed Mat

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Oxford cloth cooling material for cool and refreshing feeling



Introducing the Summer Cooling Pet Beds for Dogs – a game changer in pet comfort! Imagine your furry friend lounging on this luxurious cat mat pad, experiencing ultimate bliss and relief from those scorching hot summer days. This durable and scratch-resistant bed is exactly what your beloved pup or kitty needs to beat the heat!


Durable scratch-resistant and waterproof cat mat pad sofa


Durable scratch resistant and waterproof cat mat pad sofa


Crafted with love using Oxford cloth cooling material, our pet beds offer more than just cooling relief. They provide a cool oasis amidst an unforgiving sun, ensuring that even during outdoor gatherings or indoor napping sessions, your fur baby remains comfortable and content.


Natural and safe materials environmentfriendly and easy to clean


Natural and safe materials environmentfriendly and easy to clean


Safety has always been at the forefront of our minds when designing this product. Made from natural materials that are 100% friendly to both animals and humans alike, the Summer Cooling Pet Bed is not only eco-friendly but also machine washable. Easy maintenance means you can keep it clean without any hassle while keeping pesky hairs at bay.


Available in multiple sizes to suit different pet weights


Available in multiple sizes to suit different pet weights


We believe in providing options because every pet deserves their perfect fit! Choose between four different sizes: small (50x40cm) for those oh-so-adorable puppies who weigh approximately 0.5kgs; medium (75x55cm) ideal for pets weighing around 1kg; large (90x65cm) which perfectly accommodates pets up to 2kgs; lastly extra-large (100x75cm), created specifically with bigger breeds weighing around 2.5kgs in mind.


Provides breathable comfort suitable for puppies on hot days


Provides breathable comfort suitable for puppies on hot days


Why settle for anything less than perfection? Our goal was simple - create a product that truly understands and meets your furry companion's needs during those sweltering summer months. The breathable cozy fabric combined with its super soft outer layer provides unparalleled comfort whilst simultaneously offering protection against excessive heat exposure. Don't let summers get the better of your precious little one's well-being! 


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the self-cooling technology work?

The mat is made using materials that naturally dissipate heat and provide a cooling effect when your dog lies on it. It doesn't require any electricity, water, or refrigeration. The heat-absorbing materials absorb your dog's body heat, then release it into the surrounding air, creating a cooling sensation.

Is the cooling effect safe for my dog?

Absolutely. The cooling technology used in the mat is designed to be pet-safe. It doesn't use any harmful chemicals or substances. It simply harnesses the principles of heat absorption and dissipation to create a comfortable and safe cooling experience for your dog.

How do I use the Comfy Summer Self-Cooling Dog Bed Mat?

Using the mat is easy! Just place it in a cool, shaded area where your dog usually rests. You can place it on the floor, in a dog bed, or even in a crate. When your dog lies on it, the mat will start its cooling process. It's important to remember that the cooling effect might vary based on the ambient temperature.

Can the mat be used indoors as well?

Yes, the Comfy Summer Self Cooling Dog Bed Mat can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its portable design makes it versatile for various locations, ensuring your dog stays cool wherever they are.

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