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UV Protection Outdoor Sunglass Goggles for Dogs

UV Protection Outdoor Sunglass Goggles for Dogs

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Protection from UV Rays



Dust Protection Dog Goggles are designed to provide UV protection for your dog while they enjoy outdoor activities like car rides, hiking, and more. The lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate material that shields their eyes from harmful sun rays.


Suitable for Small Breed Dogs



Specifically designed for dogs like Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, and Maltese, these dog sunglasses offer a perfect fit for smaller breeds. With adjustable straps on the goggles' frame, you can ensure a comfortable and secure fit on your furry friend.


Curved Design Lens


Curved Design Lens


The unique curved lens design of these dog goggles ensures optimal coverage over your pet's eye area. This feature allows them to have clear visibility without any obstruction while protecting their eyes from windblown debris or dust during outdoor adventures.


Soft Frame with Vents


Soft Frame with Vents


Crafted with soft rubber materials and comb-shaped vents on the frame, these sunglasses guarantee maximum comfort for your pet throughout wear time by providing proper air circulation around their face. Moreover, this prevents water misting up on the lens surface.


Adjustable Straps


Adjustable Straps


Equipped with two adjustable elastic straps: head strap length - 0 inches; chin strap length - 9 inches. Measurements should be taken prior to ordering ensuring proper sizing that would adequately cover both head circumference and chin length.

Size S: Length 4.5", width 1.7", adjustable length of head strap: 6"-10", adjustable length of chin strap: 5"-9". 

Size M: Length: 8", width: 2", adjustable length of head strap: 13.5"-18", adjustable length of chin strap: 6"-9". 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this set suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, this set is suitable for all dog breeds. Please check the size chart.

What is it made of?

Made from a high-quality ABS frame with cotton-polyester padding inside, both the dog sunglasses and helmet are safe, reliable, soft, and breathable for optimum comfort during wear. 

How is the durability?

They are durable enough not to deform or fray easily even after prolonged use. 

How do dog goggles stay on?

Dog goggles stay on by being secured around the dog's head with adjustable straps or elastic bands.

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