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Smart Puzzle Dog Feeder Toy

Smart Puzzle Dog Feeder Toy

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High-quality, durable and eco-friendly material for long-lasting use

Introducing our incredible Dog Puzzle Toy! If you're tired of your furry companion gobbling up their food in a matter of seconds, then this is the solution for you. Our Puppy Puzzle Toy not only slows down mealtime but also provides an interactive and mentally stimulating experience for your beloved pet.

Promotes mental stimulation and enrichment through interactive play


Crafted with love and care, this toy is made from high-quality environmentally friendly PP materials that are anti-beat, wear-resistant, healthy, and oh-so-environmentally-friendly. We believe in creating products that last as long as the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

Slows down feeding time to prevent overeating in dogs

3 Slows down feeding time to prevent overeating in dogs

Imagine watching in awe as they navigate through each twist and turn to retrieve their delicious treat hidden within. It's like watching a masterful artist at work - both entertaining and impressive!

Perfect holiday gifts for your beloved pet

4 Perfect holiday gift for your beloved pet

This isn't just any ordinary puzzle; it's designed specifically to train your dog's IQ while providing mental enrichment. Large smart design measuring approximately 24.5x24.5x2.5cm. Incredibly lightweight - this toy weighs only about 292g! So no worries about lugging around something cumbersome when going on adventures with them.

Convenient size - suitable for large dogs

5 Convenient size of 245x245x25cm 965x965x098inch suitable for large dogs

This Dog Treat Interactive Toy makes the pawfect present for any occasion or holiday celebration alike. So go ahead and invest in hours of joyous entertainment filled with endless tail-wagging bliss by adding our spectacular Dog Puzzle Toy to your cart now! Your pup will thank you later with sloppy kisses galore - we promise; after all, who could resist such an intellectually challenging culinary pursuit? Grab yours today before stocks run out because once word gets out about this sensational toy, it's sure to be in high demand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are enrichment toys good for puppies?

Yes, enrichment toys are beneficial for puppies as they help stimulate their mental and physical development.

How does the Interactive Food Dispenser work?

This feeder features compartments where you can place your pet's food. Your pet will need to figure out how to access the food, engaging their problem-solving skills and mental agility. It adds an element of play to mealtime, preventing boredom and promoting a healthier eating pace.

Is the Interactive Food Dispenser suitable for both dogs and cats?

Yes, this product is designed to be used for both dogs and cats. It's suitable for all breeds and sizes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable feeding experience for all pets.

How do I clean the Interactive Food Dispenser and Slow Feeder?

Made with high-quality material that is absolutely toxic-free PP, this is easy to clean. It can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.

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