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Pet Anti Flea Ticks Collar

Pet Anti Flea Ticks Collar

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Does your pet have ticks, fleas and mites? Why not eliminate them with just a simple step with no chemicals? Our Pet anti flea tick small large collar for cats, puppies and dogs is specifically formulated with 100% natural essential oils which are proven to repel flea & tick in a completely natural way.

  • Made by dog lovers, for dog lovers
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 100% adorable!
  • Limited-time only!

This Pet anti flea tick small large collar for cats, puppies and dogs is made of a thermoplastic elastomer which can be recycled, unlike some other plastic alternatives. Natural pet flea collars work in combination with your dog’s healthy immune system. Your dog’s skin pH, nutrition, stress and sleep play a role in your dog’s immunologic ability to deal with parasites like fleas and ticks.

Size Chart:

Our special formulation gives your dog protection to minimize exposure to fleas and ticks without using toxins. The infestations will need to be addressed before using our collar. No more chemicals.

ALLERGY FREE - This Pet anti flea tick small large collar for cats, puppies and dogs is made up of natural materials that can't cause any problems in their organism.

WATERPROOF MATERIAL - The best collar for flea and tick prevention can be used in water. You can wash your pet with no fear of collar getting wet. 

DOG FLEA PREVENTION - This collar will save your pet from fleas and ticks infection for a long period. You can forget about annoying pests for a long time with this collar.

USE IT EVERYWHERE - You can use it when your pet is in your car, when you washing your dog by shampoo, using a comb, etc.,

This anti-flea collar suits both large and small breeds. Just crop the dog flea collar according to your pet's neck size. It provides 24/7 protection against fleas, larvae, lice, mosquitoes and other different species of insects.

When you love your pets, you only want what’s best for them. Don’t waste time, and order the Pet Anti Flea Ticks Collar and get your new emotions going.

  • All-natural flea control formula with a blend of natural essential oils
  • Made of thermoplastic elastomer
  • One size fits all
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Non-toxic, chemical-free
  • Waterproof and lightweight.
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  • Citronella oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lemon oil
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Clove oil

Item Description:
Premium Quality Plastic
Feature: Anti flea ticks mosquitoes
Length: 63cm (Adjustable)
Protective Time: 8 Months
Package Weight: 0.065kg (0.14lb)
Package Size: 9cm x 9cm x 3cm (3.54in x 3.54in x 1.18in)
Package Contain: 1 x Pet Anti Flea Ticks Collar

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