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Luminous LED Dog Collar

Luminous LED Dog Collar

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Enhanced Visibility Day or Night


Enhanced Visibility Day or Night - The LED Dog Collar features a safety flashing glow that illuminates your four-legged companion in a rainbow of colors. Whether it's early-morning walks or late-night adventures, this luminous collar guarantees visibility from afar.

Durable and Rechargeable Design


Durable and Rechargeable Design


Durable and Rechargeable Design - Crafted using high-quality materials, this waterproof dog collar is built to withstand rough playtimes and outdoor explorations. It can be cut to fit any size dog comfortably without compromising functionality. Plus, its quick charging feature ensures it stays bright for up to 10 hours!

Customizable Length for All Dogs


Customizable Length for All Dogs - Worried about finding the perfect fit? Say goodbye to sizing concerns! Our luminous LED Dog Collar can be easily adjusted to accommodate dogs of all sizes. Simply cut the collar to your desired length and recharge for endless adventures.

Easy to Use in Any Season


Easy to Use in Any Season


Easy to Use in Any Season - Designed for year-round use, this LED dog collar is suitable for all seasons. Whether it's rain or shine, hot summer days, or snowy winter evenings, your furry friend will always stay visible and stylish with this reliable accessory.

Peace of Mind on Every Walk


Peace of Mind on Every Walk


Peace of Mind on Every Walk - Never fret about losing sight of your beloved pet again. This gives you peace of mind by keeping them safe and secure throughout every adventure. Its breakaway feature ensures their safety while the quick release allows for hassle-free removal at any time.

USB Rechargeable

It comes with a high capacity 250mAh rechargeable battery built in, delivering 10 hours of continuous light under 2 hours of rapid charging. The LED dog collar will flash slowly in red during charging and is steady green when the battery is fully charged. The USB cable included allows you to charge the dog collar conveniently via power banks, laptops, phone chargers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are LED light collars safe for dogs?

Yes, LED light collars are generally safe for dogs when used correctly and monitored.

Can I adjust the size? 

Yes, this glowing collar is adjustable. Just cut it off and fix it to your size.

How do you charge a LED dog collar?

You charge a LED dog collar by plugging it into a power source using a USB cable.

How do I use this collar?

Please refer to the instructions provided in the package.

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