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Glowing LED Collar for Dogs and Cats

Glowing LED Collar for Dogs and Cats

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Enhanced Safety in the Dark


Enhanced safety in the dark - Keep your four-legged companions safe during evening adventures! Our Luminous USB Cat Dog Collar features high-intensity LED lights that make them visible from afar. Whether you're taking a stroll around the block or enjoying outdoor activities after dusk, this collar ensures drivers spot your precious pets from a distance.

Easy-to-Use USB Charging


Easy-to-Use USB Charging


Easy-to-Use USB Charging - Say goodbye to constantly buying batteries! Our illuminated pet collar comes with a convenient USB charging cable that allows you to recharge its built-in power supply effortlessly. Simply plug it into any standard power source and enjoy hours of continuous illumination on those late-night walks.

Comfortable and Durable Design


Comfortable and Durable Design


Comfortable and Durable Design -  We prioritize your pet's comfort, which is why our LED collar is made from premium-quality plastic. It's lightweight, flexible, and gentle on their fur, ensuring maximum comfort during wear. The durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, even in the most playful of pets.

Perfect Fit for Dogs and Cats


Perfect Fit for Dogs and Cats


Perfect Fit for Dogs and Cats -  No matter, if you have a small fluffy feline or a large canine companion, our adjustable collar will provide the perfect fit. With its easy-to-use buckle and adjustable strap, it caters to pets of all sizes. Choose any vibrant color to match your pet's unique personality.



3 modes to change the led lights, by pressing the power button
Material: ABS + PVC
Length:  35cm/50cm/70cm

Package Includes: 1 x collar, 1 x USB Charging

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reflective collars good for dogs?

Yes, reflective collars are good for dogs as they increase visibility and safety during nighttime walks or in low-light conditions.

Do these LED lights cause any harm?

No, LED light collars are safe for dogs when used properly.

How many modes are there?

It has 3 modes: Flash, Slow, Glow.

Is this dog collar adjustable?

The collar is 70cm by default, whether you buy 35cm, 50cm, or 70cm, we will send you the 70cm collar. You can cut the collar according to your size.

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