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Funny Dog Costume

Funny Dog Costume

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"Look there, a cute knight with a rein in his hand who rides on the dog is coming towards us”. That is what you hear when you walk your dog in the street. This dog Halloween Christmas funny rodeo dog costume outfit dress up will catch lots of people's attention!

Sizing for each dog is unique and different. We highly recommend you to measure your pet precisely with a flexible tape to ensure the best fit. 

Dog Halloween Christmas funny rodeo dog costume outfit dress up doesn't have to be Halloween to dress up your pet. The vest fists around your dog and the cowboy sits on the top of your dog. As your dog walks, the cowboy rides along, and when your dog run it's like watching a cowboy at the rodeo as he shakes around. 

Perfectly designed saddle vest gives your dog the better wearing experience. The Velcro can be adjusted as per your pet’s size, which ensures more coziness and snugness. Dog Halloween Christmas funny rodeo dog costume outfit dress up Made of breathable, soft and skin-friendly cotton and polyester material, your dog feels comfortable all day. 

This funny pet costume is perfect for every day wear and also on special occasions such as Halloween, theme parties, weddings, Christmas. 


  • It is like a harness vest with a cowboy rider with his hat.
  • The cowboy's hat can be put on and take off.
  • Made of soft and breathable fabric. 
  • This cool costume design turns your pet into a rodeo horse.
  • Your baby dog will earn a lot of admiration for this costume on. 
  • It looks like a bullfight when your pet runs!
  • Perfect for any occasion!


  • Will it fit a small dog?
  • Yes, it fits perfectly for all sizes of dogs. Check the measurement chart to order the perfect size!

  • Can you attach a leash to it?
  • No, you cannot attach it with a leash.

  • I have a Rottweiler, can he wear it?
  • Yes, it is suitable for all dog breeds.

  • Can the rider be removed?
  • No, it is sewed on. If you try to remove, it could probably cut it off.

  • Is it machine washable?
  • Yes, it is machine washable.

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