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Heavy Duty Leather Braided Traction Dog Leash

Heavy Duty Leather Braided Traction Dog Leash

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Heavy-duty genuine leather leash for large dogs

Introducing our Heavy and Duty Large Dog Leash, crafted with genuine leather specifically designed for brave and adventurous souls like your beloved pet. This leash is not just a regular dog leash; it's the epitome of strength and durability.

Braided design for extra strength and durability

2 Braided design for extra strength and durability

Made from premium-quality cowhide leather, this braided dog training leash guarantees both comfort and strength during those long walks or intense training sessions. With its sturdy build, it can withstand even the toughest tugging from larger breeds like Shepherds, Bulldogs, Labradors, Gold Retrievers - you name it!

Shock absorption spring traction


But what sets our product apart is its shock absorption spring traction belt feature that ensures an unmatched level of security while walking your four-legged companion. Say goodbye to sudden jerks or jolts when they spot their friends across the street! This innovative design helps reduce strain on both you and your loyal pal.

Features shock absorption spring traction belt for added comfort

1 Heavy duty genuine leather leash for large dogs

The sleek black or elegant brown colors blend seamlessly with any collar or harness color scheme in the market. Whether strolling along city streets or exploring rugged terrains together out in nature's playgrounds, this extra-long 120cm length gives ample freedom yet retains a sense of control over your canine friend without compromising their safety.

Available in black or brown colors made from cowhide leather

5 Available in black or brown colors made from cowhide leather

Designed for medium to large dogs such as Gold Huskies, Samoyeds, and Labradors. The Leather Dog Shock Absorption Spring Traction Belt aims to bring absolute peace of mind during every walk. Fitting snuggly between your hand while gripping onto its 2cm-wide structure, you'll feel connected, in sync almost, enjoying every step towards building memories neither of you will ever forget.


3 Suitable for Shepherd Bulldog Labrador Gold Retriever breeds

So why settle for ordinary leashes when you can get extraordinary? Embrace quality craftsmanship that lasts as long as love itself. Give yourself-and most importantly-your fur-baby-the gift of unparalleled reliability. Choose our Heavy Duty Large Dog Leash today and experience true companionship at its finest. Get ready, tail-wagging adventures await!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length and thickness of the leash? 

The leash measures 120 cm in length and 2 cm in thickness, providing a suitable balance between control and freedom for your dog during walks. 

Is the leash made of genuine leather? 

Yes, the leash is crafted from high-quality genuine leather, ensuring durability and a comfortable grip.

Does the leash come with a clasp/hook? 

Yes, the leash is equipped with a sturdy metal clasp/hook that easily attaches to your dog's collar or harness.

How do I care for and clean the leather leash? 

To keep the leash in optimal condition, wipe it down with a damp cloth after walks to remove dirt. Use a leather conditioner occasionally to maintain its suppleness and prevent cracking.

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