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Custom Printed Nylon Bowknot Dog Collar

Custom Printed Nylon Bowknot Dog Collar

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Personalized nylon bowknot dog collar with adjustable nameplate

Introducing the Personalized Nylon Bowknot Dog Collar, a custom printed accessory designed specifically for your beloved Chihuahua or French Bulldog. Made from durable nylon in an array of vibrant colors including Pink, Blue, Black, Brown and Red, this collar is as stylish as it is practical.

Custom printed for small medium large dogs

Custom printed for Chihuahua French Bulldog and smallmedium dogs

With an adjustable design and a sturdy D ring that can easily attach to any dog leash, this collar offers both comfort and security during walks or outings. But what sets this product apart is its stainless steel nameplate where we will engrave your furry friend's name and contact number using our high-quality laser machine technique.

Durable Dring for leash attachment

Durable Dring for leash attachment

Imagine walking down the street with your four-legged companion donning their very own personalized collar. Not only does it serve as a fashionable statement piece but also guarantees that if they happen to wander off on one of their adventurous escapades (as dogs often do), finding them would be just one call away with the clear information engraved on the nameplate.

Stainless steel nameplate can be engraved with pets information

Stainless steel nameplate can be engraved with pets information

These collars are carefully crafted by our skilled team who can engrave hundreds per day while ensuring precision and clarity throughout each piece. Whether you have a small Poodle or a large Labrador Retriever at home – fret not! These customizable collars come in various sizes to suit all breeds ranging from Pug to Terrier; even Pitbulls!

Available in pink blue black brown and red colors

Available in pink blue black brown and red colors

When ordering, simply enter the necessary details at checkout or drop us a message specifying what you want to be engraved: from names and phone numbers - whatever represents your pet best! We're here to create something unique tailored exclusively for you. So why wait? Get ready for countless compliments when people catch sight of your adorable pup adorned with their very own Personalized Nylon Bowknot Dog Collar – because every fur baby deserves some extra-special treatment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the bowknot be removed?
Yes, you can remove the bowknot and use it as a normal collar.

Does the collar come with a buckle? 

Yes, the collar features a sturdy metal buckle that enhances its durability and provides a secure closure.

How can I personalize the collar? 

You can personalize the Buzzy Floral Dog Collar with your dog's name and phone number. This customization helps in easy identification and ensures the safety of your furry friend.

Can I adjust the collar's size for a perfect fit? 

Yes, the Buzzy Floral Dog Collar is usually adjustable, allowing you to find the optimal fit for your dog's neck size. Make sure to measure your dog's neck before ordering to select the appropriate size.

Can I remove the collar easily? 

Yes, the snap-on design is so easy. The metal buckle is designed for secure closure, but it can also be easily undone for quick removal when needed within milliseconds.

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