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Bohemian Style Nylon Dog Collar Leash Set

Bohemian Style Nylon Dog Collar Leash Set

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Bohemian-style design for fashionable and trendy pets

Introducing the Bohemia Style Dog Collar and Leash Set, a trendy accessory that will make heads turn while you walk your furry friend. Designed for small, medium, and large dogs alike, this adjustable collar is perfect for puppies or even cats who love to strut their stuff.

Adjustable collar suitable for small medium and large dogs

Adjustable collar suitable for small medium and large dogs

Made with high-quality polyester material and adorned with an alloy buckle, this collar not only adds a pop of style but also ensures durability. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns truly capture the essence of bohemian fashion. It's like having a little piece of art wrapped around your pet's neck!

Durable polyester material with alloy hardware for long-lasting use

The matching leash is crafted at 150cm (59 inches) in length – giving you plenty of room to explore together on long walks through nature or strolls down city streets. With its sturdy construction, it provides both comfort and security as you maintain control over your four-legged companion.

Includes leash measuring 150cm (59 inches) in length

Includes leash measuring 150cm 591 inches in length

But what sets our Bohemia Style Dog Collar set apart from others? Well, darlings let me tell ya - it’s all about design and sturdiness! We understand that no two pets are the same; they have their own personalities just like we do. That's why we offer different sizes ranging from S to XL – ensuring the perfect fit every time!

Available as a set or just the collar option

Available as a set or just the collar option

For those fur babies out there with petite frames measuring anywhere between 22-35 cm (8-13 inches), size S will be pooch-perfect! Medium-sized cuties ranging from 26-42 cm (10-16 inches) can rock their personality with size M. Big boys or girls feeling fierce at heart can opt for size L which accommodates necks sized between 29-47 cm (11-18 inches). For extra-large fluff balls flaunting neck measurements spanning across 32–51cm(12–20 inches), don't worry dear..we cater to majestic beings too!


Whether purchased as individual pieces or as part of a set including both collar and leash combo, our Bohemia Style Pet Collar collection is here to make your pet the epitome of style and grace. So why wait? Grab one today and let's embark on an adventure full of fashion-forward walks with your precious companion!


Material:  Nylon Polyester + Alloy

Leash Length: 150 cm / 59 inches

Collar Size:

S Neck :22-35cm / 8.7-13.8"
M Neck :26-42cm / 10.2-16.5"
L Neck :29-47cm / 11.4-18.5
XL Neck :32-51cm / 12.6-20.1"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of the collar and leash set?

The collar and leash set is crafted from durable polyester material.

What size dogs is the collar suitable for?

The collar is suitable for small to large dogs.

Is the collar adjustable?

Yes, the collar is adjustable for a comfortable fit.

What is the length of the leash?

The leash measures 150cm (59 inches) in length.

Can I purchase just the collar or the leash separately?

Yes, you have the option to purchase just the collar or the collar set with the leash separately.

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