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Automatic Dog Food Water Dispenser

Automatic Dog Food Water Dispenser

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Gravity Dog Feeder & Waterer: Keep pets happily fed and watered with our automatic dispenser set. The storage hopper automatically releases more when the quantity below decreases.

Easy to Use: Simply unscrew the lid and fill the hopper with up to 6 pounds of dry pet food (feeder) or water (waterer). Easy cleaning as it can be split. You can rinse it directly with water.

Durable Design: These convenient pet bowls feature a PP lid and base with a transparent storage hopper, which makes it easy to check food or water levels at a glance.

Large opening: Easily add food through the top opening. No need to remove the feeder, easy to use. It has a 15-degree slope for food to slide easily.
Automatic Gravity Flow Technology: The food and water dispenser adopts a natural gravity supply system. No battery or power is required. 

Food Grade Material: Our feeder and waterer are made of food grade plastic, 100% BPA Free. We always protect your pet's health.

Fresh Water and Food Anytime: The bowl refills with water/ food as it empties, keeping water and food fresh inside the reservoir until it dispenses.

Non-slip Rubber Feet: Non-slip rubber feet ensure safe placement. It ensures the dispenser does not move when eating.

Highlights of Waterer:

1. Small breed - Water lasts for 3-4 days; Medium and Large breeds - Water lasts for 1-2 days.

2.  The bucket mouth spring is set, and gravity automatically stores water to avoid frequent water addition.

3. Adopting the principle of siphon. Tight and leak-proof safety design, to ensure that the drinking water is at the same height, effectively solving the problem of pet water feeding.

Highlights of Feeder:

1. The upper cover is removable and can be refilled at any time. Open the top of the feeder to add food, which is convenient and quick.

2. Large capacity: enough for small breeds for 5-7 days, and medium and large breeds for 1-3 days.

3. Gravity replenishment method: Using gravity replenishment, automatic refilling all day long, and no longer having to worry about pets without food.


1. Will my dog eat much more than he needs as this is automatic?
The chances are very less. But usually, the first day when they use it, maybe they will eat much, but our pets are smarter than we think, They will slowly quit this bad habit.

2. Will the water overflow?
When the water in the water tank reaches a certain height, the spring device in the middle of the barrel mouth will automatically close, and the water will stop flowing; when the water is below a certain height, the spring device will automatically open and continue to flow out.

3. How is the quality? Does it have a smell?
We use food-grade plastic material, which is safe and tasteless.

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