Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar
Personalized Dog Collar

Personalized Dog Collar

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If you are looking for a personalized dog collar that can give your dog a bit of extra personality and offer the something they can truly call their own, start here. These customized dog collar are super-simple for you to personalize and to make really feel like it belongs around the neck of your pet.

Add on all the rhinestones and charms that you like; as a personalized dog collar, this is truly made for your dog. We’ll happily include their name, any messages that you like or any little extra rhinestones and/or charms to help really add a personality and a touch of authenticity to your pets’ collar.

  • A smart, creative and fashionable group of accessories which will make it very easy indeed to show your pets initials, its nickname and any messages that you wish to show off on the collar.
  • Available in X-Small to Large, we make sure to give this dog collar a great look that makes sure it can sit and look as personable as is possible. Be sure to check your dogs neck size before ordering.
  • However, they are designed to be a close and comfortable fit to avoid this personalized dog collar ever feeling constraining or constricting to your pet.
  • Use our customized dog collars to make sure that your pet always has that self-esteem and visual appeal locked down!
  • Now, if they go missing, you’ll know exactly what to describe to people so they know just who your pet is!

You can choose a rhinestone name for the pet, with our customized dog collars capable of taking:

  • XS  and S : Maximum Six Letters with no charm
  • XS  and S : Maximum Five Letters with a charm
  • M and L : Maximum Seven Letters with no charm
  • M  and L : Maximum Six Letters with a charm
Size Length Fit Neck
XS 11.8"(30cm) 6.5 - 8"
S 14.5"(37cm) 8.5 - 12"
M 16.5"(42cm) 10 - 14"
L 20.1"(51cm) 13 - 17"

Available Charms: Our charms come in all shapes and sizes; from regal crowns to paws, stars, hearts, and skull you can make sure that your dog is getting all the help that it needs for a truly personalized dog collar.

In every package, you will get access to a high-quality red, blue, pink white or black customized dog collar. Inside each package is the collar with the rhinestones and letters, making it easy for you to give your pet the perfect look.

Want something unique? Then please leave us a message, including the letters and charms you want our team to use on the custom dog collar.

Example Message: Dog Name: Doris, Charm: Heart.

Put your dog name here

If you don't leave a message, we will send a collection containing the name "HONEY" with your package.


  • Made from real PU leather.
  • Easy to personalize to make instantly recognizable.
  • Available in Five different colors.
  • Fashionable, well-fitted collar that’s comfortable for your pet.
  • Classic and comical charms to add to really personalize your dogs collar.

Item Specification: 
Pattern: Solid
Length: 30.5, 37, 42, 51cm
Width:1.5, 2, 2.5 cm
Color: Red, Blue, Pink, White, Black
Size: Small Medium Large

Package Contain: Dog Collar and Rhinestone Letters up to 6 Letters + 1 Charm or 7 Letters!

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