Android IOS Joystick

  • Super HD dual vibration feeling - a more real sense of substitution. Dual fighting setting - Analog + Digital. Accurate control, excellent hand feeling, smooth design.
  • Bluetooth 2.4GHz, has a strong anti-interference, system controller, and bidirectional transmission. One key turbo, continuous attack, gets more quickly through the level.

  • The asymmetrical and linear vibrating motor delivers separate feedback during the game. Get an excellent gaming experience to take your immersion to the next level.

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  • T3 Wireless Controller

360º Rotation

360º rocker help players to achieve fine-tuning, aiming, and other difficult operations. The rocker can be used one million times. It’s flexible in response, accurate in direction, and free from drift and failures. The precise button has good resilience and is not rigid.

High Performance

The IOS game controller accurately controls the moving speed, attack speed, and attack strength. Power standby time is 720 hours when fully charged. Play for more than 8 hours. Charge for only 2 hours. One key Turbo burst function for a quick attack.

Dual Vibration

3-level adjustable super HD dual vibration feeling. Realistic vibration and striking, each hit, crash, and explosion can be vividly felt. Also, you can adjust the motor vibration intensity. It enhances the realism of game scenarios.

Wireless & Wired Mode

Once you are out of battery but are still willing to play, plug in the USB cable to connect the controller and game device and switch to wired mode. Happy gaming! It has a dual mode. Once your battery is dead, you can plug in the USB cable and keep your gaming going.

Bluetooth T3 Wireless Joystick IOS Android Controller

Bluetooth T3 Wireless Joystick IOS Android Controller

$39.99 $79.99

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Premium Quality

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Great controller!! It's seen HUNDREDS of hours of gameplay. Battery life is great. I could go a couple days without charging it after heavy gaming and with vibration on. Comfortable, no sticky joystick or anything. The wireless distance is also great. I've tried from 6-8 ft from the adapter. Overall, great controller.. I had a Question on one of my products and the customer service was as good as the product.👍 I highly recommend, it's my go to now - David Oswald, Texas, USA

  • What’s in Our Bluetooth Wireless Gamepad?

Bluetooth 4.0

2.4 GHz, 8 meters transmission distance, high rate signal transmission is steady, no delay. Gaming control for iPhone gets rid of the short distance limitation. The bidirectional transmission allows system co-existence and has substantial anti-interference.

6 Axis Gyroscope

Built-in 6-Axis Gyroscope chip and somatosensory tracking aim at the target fast and accurately. This mobile game controller can also capture the player's movements.

Wireless Controller

2 vibration motors for the gamepad, 2.4g controller is compatible with multi-platform games. A lot of popular games for you to choose from, let you enjoy the fun of the game!

Wide Compatibility

The game controller is compatible with - Windows, Mac, PS3, Switch, Xbox, iOS/Android phones, Tablet, Playstation, Smart TV, fire stick, or TV box.

  • Real Reviews from Real People

John Watts

I was surprised by how much I liked this controller. It has a high-quality "feel" of what you would expect from a first-party controller. Works very well and fits my hands nicely. The controller worked pretty much instantly and is easy to use. Battery lasts. I'd definitely recommend if you're like me a pro gamer.

Adrian Miller

It's a great little gamepad. Slightly smaller than xbox gamepad, and that's a good thing... The size is great. Works on all of my Windows 10, my Android Smart TV's and Boxes with no issues... Wired or Wireless. Its study and feels well made, not cheap at all.

The rechargeable battery lasts a long while.

Kathy Kris

Fits just right for my big hand, Joysticks is nice and smooth feel, buttons don't stick. in-game response time is fast. Good budget PC controller.. The first one was awesome and I didn't hesitate to buy another one. Pretty responsive, no apparent lag. Happily gaming away!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I connect it to my phone?

Absolutely, you can connect it to any phone, laptop or TV

Q: Is it easy to rotate?

360º rocker help players to achieve fine-tuning, aiming, and other difficult operations

Q: Can this controller be used for PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire?

Yes. it supports most games. But if your game is not supported, download a third-party handle button mapping tool or download the corresponding game through the handle game platform APP in order to play with the handle. Each country has its own more suitable handle game platform APP, please Google it yourself.

Q: Will this joystick have a vibration function?

It vibrates automatically. A separate on/off vibration button is not provided.

Q: Does it drift?

No, it has no drifting issues and works perfectly.

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